Chinese Economists 50 Forum

Chinese Economists 50 Forum (CE50) is a civil academic organization for public interests, founded by celebrated Chinese economist in Beijing in June 1998. The Forum brought together near 50 Chinese economists who have first-class academic standards of research and high reputation in academic circles who dedicated to the research of economic development in China. The Forum is widely recognized at home and abroad as a "think tank" to China's top level economic policy makers.  

Our mission: The Forum dedicates its efforts to contribute to the research and recommendations on China’s economic development and reforms. The Forum converges research results on key economic issues of China both at home and from abroad in addition to pure academic studies. We aim at compile diversified research results from experienced experts from various backgrounds, focusing on economic development, challenges of reforms, and policy suggestions. We believe the researches can help develop China’s reforms of economic systems, as well as industrial and regional economic development. 

The Forum was commissioned by central government leaders and relevant departments to conduct many special researches, the members and experts from the Forum have been consulted for advice and recommendations by government officials and departments, and received positive feedbacks from government. The Forum also organized cooperative workshops and seminars on economic issues with local provinces and cities to promote the local economic development. We also had cooperation with Taiwan economists. Our members were invited to join seminars in Taiwan to discuss economic issues such as economic cooperation and division of industries between two sides of the Taiwan Strait.

The Forum commits to international cooperation, setting up extensive exchanges with economists and researchers from USA, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Argentina, Poland, and etc. In recent years, we organized a few times of "Summer Palace Dialogue between Chinese and US Economists" (SPD). We published a joint research report "The Development of Low Carbon Economy: China and World" with Swedish Environmental Science Institute.